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AI & herd bulls used in our herd.


Sprys-W Total Focus R605

Our newest power to recharge our herd sire battery. A super sound, big middled with teddy bear temperament who is a complete outcross to our herd. Bred by renowned Sprys Angus, NSW. ET son from the renowned Premier Jestress cow family. Big growth EBVs which shows in his progeny, who are eye-catching with big tops and extra growth. First sons sell 2025.

HF Tiger 5T

HF Tiger 5T

Tried, Tested and Proven.

One of the greatest Angus bulls of all time. He has had a huge influence on our cow herd for the better. His progeny have great temperament and added growth. We love our 'Tiger 5T' daughters for their calving ease milking and great udders. Bulls are docile with added eye appeal and carcase traits. We now utilise 'Tiger 5T' sons in the herd as we cant access his semen any more.


Millah Murrah Rembrandt R48

Described as 'prototype for the modern Angus animal'. R48 is the ideal package that has worked extremely well in our cow herd. The $240,000 high seller produces super soft, deep fleshing calves. We love the added carcase traits and the depth through the flank and hindquarters he adds to his calves. First sons sell 2025.

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